Om Sha'ar Asmar Medaffar

Om Sha
  • Artist: Ali Hassan Kuban
  • Album: From Nubia to Cairo - remasterd
  • Country: North Africa - Egypt
  • Style: Tradimodern, Nubian
  • Language: Arabic
  • Rights: All rights world wide by PIRANHA

A wedding song in Kaff rhythm - "you with the black plaits, I love you all my life. She always wants me to stay with her. And I too don't want to be without her!"
see also: Ali Hassan Kuban - "Walk like a Nubian" - CD-PIR43 - track 1. Same song, different version.

Track-Number: CD-PIR3166 - 2
Country / Region: North Africa - Egypt
Piranha Category: Africa, Nubian
Vocals / Instrumental: male, choir
Catchword: wedding
Mood: energetic
Instruments: percussion, brass-section, keyboard, accordion
Tempo: mid-tempo, impelling
Tracklength: 7:44
Composer: Ali Hassan Kuban
Lyrics: Mustafa El Kanjali