Mmamanthwane Album Cover
  • Artist: Various Artists: I'm Not Here To Hunt Rabbits
  • Album: I'm Not Here To Hunt Rabbits
  • Country: South Africa - Botswana
  • Style: Traditional
  • Language: Setswana
  • Rights: All rights world wide by PIRANHA

Artist: Batlaadira Radipitse - Mmanthwane is about trying to find the root of tormented sleep. He consults the church, and they see "bones," which are traditional talismans and considered tools of witchcraft. Next, he goes to some kind of seer or psychic who divines that the issue is a "Thokolosi," a kind of mischief-making spiritworld creature that can take many forms. Witch doctors are said to conjure them up to do their bidding. Finally, he goes to a traditional medicine man and gets the real diagnosis: it's a bat. Bats, of course, are associated with darkness and thought to be a bad omen and an instrument of black magic. Traditional medicine, healers and so-called "witch doctors" are still common outside the urban centers, and people from all walks of life take the topic seriously.

Track-Number: CD-PIR3165 - 18
Country / Region: South Africa - Botswana
Piranha Category: Africa
Vocals / Instrumental: male
Catchword: summer
Mood: groovy, rhythmical, relaxing
Instruments: guitar
Tempo: mid-tempo
Tracklength: 4:32
Composer: Batlaadira Radipitse
Lyrics: Batlaadira Radipitse