What do I need to use this product?

Basic Requirements

Note: The majority of topics within this help is for the Music Scout CD-ROM.
You need a computer with a CD- or DVD-Drive and an Internet Browser. as you can read all this we assume that you already have one. :-)
Minimum desktop resolution should be above 640x480 pixels with 256 colors, the Operating System (Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc.) is irrelevant. The search function requires JavaScript (aka ECMA-Script). You will not be able to use it if you don't have JavaScript enabled.

However there is still a possibility to get results: Simply try to Browse for your Track your Mood or whatever you're interested in. You can also use our Online version.

There are no hardware requirements, it only affects how long you will have to wait for the results. During development of the search engine we tested the following browsers successfully: Mozilla, Opera 7/8, Netscape 7, Firefox, Internet Explorer 5/5.5/6, Macintosh Internet Explorer 5.1/5.2, Safari, Camino, Omniweb and Konqueror.


Some browsers do support JavaScript but due to excessive use of it within the Music Scout CD-ROM, some browsers fail in using our search function. This regards the following browsers: Opera 6 on PC and Mac, iCab 2.x on Mac and Netscape 4.

Our recommendation is to upgrade to a modern browser or to use our browse function which was intentionally build for that kind of browsers as well as for users who do not want to switch on JavaScript for security reasons. Although we have done everything we could it is nearly impossible to support every browser on the market.

How can I...

...optimize my searchquery?

Try to imagine what you are searching. Too many categories may be negative for your search result. A search with fewer categories could produce an overly voluminous result.

If you want to enhance or limit your searchquery press the "Enhace/Limit"-button. Please note: dropdowns can be deselected by getting back to "Here you can make a choice"

Hint: If you are curious to learn more about the artist and his or her work please click on the biography button.

...print without JacaScript enabled?

Modern browsers allow you to change the so called StyleSheet, which is responsible for the appearance. Follow these steps to access the print version:

  • Opera 7, menu: View > Style > print
  • Mozilla/Netscape 7, menu: View > Use Style > print
  • Firefox, menu: View > Page Style > print-Style
  • Other browser like Safari or Konqueror should be able to do similar things.
  • Unfortunately Internet Explorer 6 is not capable to do this.

Workaround: Save the page and open it after saving. Usually most of the colorinformation should be gone.

...play a track?

Simply press the "Play"-icon to open the file within the browser. Depending on your configuration the browser itself will play the track (via PlugIn) or your music software will take the job. You can also save the file on your hard disk drive to hear it whenever you want to hear it.

...search for a specific track?

Specific tracks can be found while using our browsesection. The tracks appear in alphabetical order.

...get further help?

Please refer to our Contact-Page. You will find there our eMail addresses and telephone numbers.

...license a track?

We have a dedicated page for licensing queries:
How to License

How this CD-ROM works...

We use HTML for this CD-ROM. The advantage of this technique is that you are independent from you operating system. It doesn't matter what you are using. Windows, MacOS, Linux and others are capable to use this CD-ROM. The only thing you need is an internet browser and a computer.

What is...

...a MP3?

MP3s are compressed audio files. This well-known format is relatively small and most computers are able to play these files. That is the reason why we have decided to use MP3s for our music preview.

...JavaScript and why is it required to use "Search"?

JavaScript is a script language - similar to a programming language - that allows us to carry out our search function on this CD-ROM. We search our database with so called scripts to find your tracks. All you have to do is to press a button and your browser will find that specific track you are searching.