Sovereign Murders

Sovereign Murders Album Cover
  • Artist: Hazeen
  • Album-No: CD-PIR3572
  • Country: Australia
  • Style: Death Metal
  • File under: Death Metal
  • Country of production: Germany
  • Released: 2022
  • Rights: Please contact the Piranha Records Team, which takes care of all publishing, licensing and legal affairs.

For our first album "Sovereign Murders" we are collaborating with Kian Dayani, who plays bass guitar and daf drum, and Kurdish-Iranian trash metal guitarist Kazem Kazemi, who was held as a refugee in Australia's offshore detention camp on Manus Island for 6 years. Our music confronts the expanding field of racism, Islamophobia and bihotry in the contemporary world, critically tackling the tropes of far-right wing ideology, 'timebomb' demographics, refugee panics and taqiyya/halal-food conspiracies. "Sovereign Murders" will combine the energy of underground metal with Turkish and Iranian rhytms.