A va saty va lomo

A va saty va lomo Album Cover
  • Artist: Orchestra Marrabenta Star de Mozambique
  • Album: Marrabenta Piquenique
  • Country: Southern Africa - Mozambique
  • Style: Africa, Marrabenta, Catchy Tune
  • Language: Ronga
  • Rights: All rights world wide by PIRANHA

When I think about lazy people, it reminds me of Cicilia."
Ronga is the main language of Maputo and the South of Mozambique.

Track-Number: CD-PIR1043 - 4
Country / Region: Southern Africa - Mozambique
Piranha Category: Africa
Vocals / Instrumental: female
Catchword: summer, modern
Mood: soft, calm, romantic
Instruments: bass, drums, percussion, guitar, brass-section, keyboard
Tempo: slow
Tracklength: 6:03
Composer: Fani M'Pfumo
Lyrics: Fani M'Pfumo