Nina Andelea

Nina Andelea Album Cover
  • Artist: Farafi
  • Album: Calico Soul
  • Country: Africa
  • Style: Fusion
  • Language: Swahili
  • Rights: All rights world wide by PIRANHA

Inspired by Nomads new and old, those who choose the road and the ones who were forced to take it. This track brings the classic sounds of Ghanain and Nigerian 'High life' music with a feminine modern twist. A testimony to all who are seeking home, and have had to make the way, a resting place.

Track-Number: CD-PIR3268 - 4
Country / Region: Africa
Piranha Category: Africa
Vocals / Instrumental: female
Catchword: summer
Mood: happy, groovy, rhythmical, hope, energetic, wild
Instruments: bass, drums, percussion, guitar, saxophone
Tempo: impelling, fast
Tracklength: 3:31
Composer: Darlini Singh Kaul, Joy Tyson
Lyrics: Darlini Singh Kaul, Joy Tyson