Die Welt ist klein geworden

Die Welt ist klein geworden Album Cover
  • Artist: Semer Ensemble
  • Producer: Ben Mandelson
  • Album: Rescued Treasure - Live at Gorki Berlin
  • Country: Europe - Germany
  • Style: Jazz, Classic, World
  • Language: German
  • Rights: Please contact the Piranha Musik Team, which takes care of all publishing, licensing and legal affairs.

Die Welt ist klein geworden (The world has become small) A startlingly contemporary text for a 1930s Berlin cabaret song about the negative influence of technology on humanity. Sung by Sasha Lurje, based on the 1930s recording by Dora Gerson. In German.

Track-Number: CD-PIR2959 - 4
Country / Region: Europe - Germany
Piranha Category:
Vocals / Instrumental: female
Catchword: live
Mood: energetic
Instruments: bass, trumpet, accordion, piano
Tempo: mid-tempo
Tracklength: 3:58
Composer: Curt Bry
Arrangement: Alan Bern
Lyrics: Fred Endrikat