Ista Slika

Ista Slika Album Cover
  • Artist: Darko Rundek & Cargo Orkestar
  • Album: Ruke
  • Country: Europe - France, Balkans - Croatia
  • Style: Balkans, Chanson
  • Language: Croatian
  • Rights: All rights world wide by PIRANHA

Pakistan rock in an imaginary Kashmir. THE SAME SCENE - so many times the same scene comes to your mind / black riders rode into the village / red drops dropped on white / the sad company set around your body / the roses brought by the unknown woman behind the veil / happy flies sat on your forehead / bitter to remember / sweet to eat.

Track-Number: CD-PIR1894 - 2
Country / Region: Europe - France, Balkans - Croatia
Piranha Category:
Vocals / Instrumental: male
Catchword: tradi-modern, hope
Mood: relaxing, melancholic
Instruments: percussion, guitar, contrabass, harmonium, electric violin, rik
Tempo: mid-tempo
Tracklength: 4:04
Composer: Darko Rundek, Dani Pervan, Blaise Catala, Dusan Vranic
Arrangement: CARGO Orkestar
Lyrics: Darko Rundek