A glezl shnaps

A glezl shnaps Album Cover
  • Artist: Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars
  • Album: Di Shikere Kapelye
  • Country: USA - New York
  • Style: Brass, Klezmer
  • Rights: All rights world wide by PIRANHA

A shot of shnaps

Track-Number: CD-PIR1467 - 7
Country / Region: USA - New York
Piranha Category: Jewish Worlds
Vocals / Instrumental: instrumental
Catchword: tradi-modern
Mood: rhythmical, melancholic, calm, change of mood, hilarious
Instruments: drums, percussion, brass-section, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, tuba, tsimbl (zither), trombone, pook
Tempo: mid-tempo, slow
Tracklength: 4:26
Composer: traditional
Arrangement: Frank London