Czarna Niedziela (Kayah)

Czarna Niedziela (Kayah) Album Cover
  • Artist: Various Artists: Hungarian Noir
  • Album: Hungarian Noir
  • Country: Europe, Balkans - Hungary
  • Style: Balkans
  • Language: Polish
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Sporting collaborations with Goran Bregovi?, Cesaria Evora and Udo Lindenberg as well as an MTV Unplugged appearance, Kayah is both one of the most successful and internationally renowned Polish singers of our time. Her "Gloomy Sunday" version ( "Czarna Niedziela" ) measures almost the complete range of her artistic spectrum from Medieval to Avantgarde and Dance with a generous shot of Eastern.

Track-Number: CD-PIR2958 - 5
Country / Region: Europe, Balkans - Hungary
Piranha Category: Balkans, Various
Vocals / Instrumental: female
Catchword: love, hope
Mood: melancholic
Instruments: bass, percussion, keyboard
Tempo: mid-tempo
Tracklength: 4:23
Composer: Seress, Rezsoe
Lyrics: Javor, Laszlo