Turbo Dizel (Turbo Diesel)

Turbo Dizel (Turbo Diesel) Album Cover
  • Artist: Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra
  • Album: Gipsy Manifesto
  • Country: Europe - Serbia
  • Style: Gypsy, Brass, Balkans
  • Language: Romanian
  • Rights: All rights world wide by PIRANHA

Roma song, joyful sound with elements of traditional Serbian music. Turbo diesel is slang for fast life and people who live fast life, people who live dangerously. The text itself isn't about anything particular; it's more a celebration of powerful and dangerous sound of trumpet.

Track-Number: CD-PIR2753 - 2
Country / Region: Europe - Serbia
Piranha Category: Balkans, Gypsies
Vocals / Instrumental: male
Catchword: modern
Mood: happy, energetic
Instruments: percussion, trumpet, tuba, trombone
Tempo: fast
Tracklength: 3:19
Composer: Marko Markovic
Lyrics: Marko Markovic