Limbo Song

Limbo Song Album Cover
  • Artist: Lord Mouse and the Kalypso Katz
  • Album: Go Calypsonian
  • Country: Europe - Germany - Berlin
  • Style: Calypso
  • Language: English
  • Rights: Please contact the Piranha Musik Team, which takes care of all publishing, licensing and legal affairs.

This is an old classic, covered many times in different ways over the years. The limbo was originally a ritualistic burial dance. The dancers would go under the limbo stick, which was on fire as they passed under. Today it has become more of a tourist attraction, and rarely is fire used, unless a professional is entertaining a crowd. This song is an adaptation of the original.

Track-Number: CD-PIR2752 - 6
Country / Region: Europe - Germany - Berlin
Piranha Category: Latin
Vocals / Instrumental: male
Catchword: summer
Mood: happy, energetic
Instruments: piano, contrabass, saxophone trumpet
Tempo: mid-tempo
Tracklength: 3:21
Composer: Leo Rost
Arrangement: Kontorowski
Lyrics: Brineman