White Boy Calyspo

White Boy Calyspo Album Cover
  • Artist: Lord Mouse and the Kalypso Katz
  • Album: Go Calypsonian
  • Country: Europe - Germany - Berlin
  • Style: Calypso
  • Language: English
  • Rights: All rights world wide by PIRANHA

People are always asking us why we play calypso music. Partly because we live in Berlin and have never been to the Caribbean. But another factor is that we are white. I think thisis a silly question. We play calypso because we like the music, and music is- and always will be- a place where your race doesn't play a role in what you do. It's all about the music.

Track-Number: CD-PIR2752 - 4
Country / Region: Europe - Germany - Berlin
Piranha Category: Latin
Vocals / Instrumental: male
Catchword: summer
Mood: groovy
Instruments: saxophone, trumpet, contrabass
Tempo: fast
Tracklength: 4:09
Composer: Kontorowski
Arrangement: Kontorowski, Jolowicz
Lyrics: Brineman