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Darko Rundek

  • PIRANHA Category: Balkans


Darko Rundek has been graduated as theatre and radio director at National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. During studies he started composing, writing lyrics and singing in the unforgettable rock band "Haustor". In the same period he worked regularly as radio-director, often composing and realising music for his programs. Since the beginning of 90'ties he lives in Paris, concentrating primarily on music for theatre and film, producing music for more than 30 shows, three feature films and numerous short and documentary films.
Thank to his comprehension of dramatic needs coming out from his studies and practice as director, long experience in the studio, producing radio and his albums using also recent programming technologies, he always brings extra "magic" touch, often bringing to project much more than expected. As a collaborator he is always ready to give new ideas and to try them without insisting, helping to create positive and creative working atmosphere.
He has his studio and network of musicians, producing hi standard final tapes using elements of folkloric, electronic or classic music.

Selection of Titles by Darko Rundek