How to license

How to license

Piranha Records & Publishing clears territorially and temporally unlimited master and publishing rights as your one-stop contact - without artist or co-publisher's approval within 24 hours.

You cannot find a specific track, need more like the one you found, or you simply don't have time to search? We know our catalogue deeply! Contact us and we propose to you a selection of tracks - considering the utilization, term and territory you need.

Do you need all rights world wide? Please click the box in search or browse. There are different requirements for TV commercials, film and compilations:

  • TV COMMERCIAL - you may not need all rights world wide
  • FILM - you need both publishing and mastering rights
  • COMPILATIONS - you don't need the publishing rights

For licensing please contact our publishing adminstrator:

SMV Schacht Musikverlage GmbH & Co KG

Herbert-Weichmann-Str. 47
22085 Hamburg


Jutta Bächner
+49 (0) 40 3741 12-16