Gipsy Manifesto

Gipsy Manifesto Album Cover
  • Artist: Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra
  • Album-No: CD-PIR2753
  • Country: Europe - Serbia
  • Style: Gypsy, Balkans
  • File under: Serbia / Gypsy / Brass
  • Country of production: Germany
  • Released: 2013
  • Rights: All rights world wide by PIRANHA

These musical visionaries, a virtuosic father and his prodigious son, are active reinterpreters of this hallowed tradition. Their brand of Brass Band music is contemporary and big-city-ready, while staying well-rooted in the rural traditions that made it. The aesthetic of the band draws ready comparisons to horn-drenched funk music, New Orleans brass band ensembles, and classic Jamaican ska, but the rhythms and the melodies: these are distinctly Balkan.
"Covek i Truba" is a snapshot of the current moment in this evolution. The songs are bold and bombastic, and feature the traditional slate of horns and marching drums as well as the new addition of guitar and drumset. The resulting sound is decidedly contemporary, and the album is filled with potential dance-party anthems, from the opening track "Turbo Dizel," a fast-paced piece with a breakneck rhythm and a driving vocal line to the loping, melodic "Fanferica Smekerica" ("Funk Girl"). The title track (in reverse) "Truba i Covek" is a slow, sensual, and jazzy instrumental track, and "Balkan Caravan" has a kicked-back Latin-esque rhythm but a decidedly Balkan hook, and the closing track, "Bobanova Saga," brings the album to a slithering, strutting close with hints of improvisation that add another layer of texture to these stunning arrangements.