Amharic Hits And Experimental Traditions

Amharic Hits And Experimental Traditions Album Cover
  • Artist: Ethio Stars & Tukul Band
  • Album-No: CD-PIR44
  • Country: East Africa - Ethiopia
  • Style: Ethio Jazz
  • File under: East Africa / Ethiopia / Urban / Traditional / Experimental
  • Country of production: Germany
  • Released: 1992
  • Rights: Please contact the Piranha Records Team, which takes care of all publishing, licensing and legal affairs.

On this album the music of Ethiopia is presented by two different bands:
Ethio Stars (track 1-6) & Tukul Band (track 7-11).

Ethiopian popular music is in its very nature multi-national. In addition to strong Ethiopian traditional roots, other elements derive from various currents of popular music from soul and jazz to italian hitsand Islamic vocal styles. The result is a completely original kind of contemporary Ethiopian popular music. It could be described as "Arabic soul singer plays Amharic-Italian funky jazz".
Instruments: KRAR is a lyre with six strings. MASINKO is the only bow-instrument of Ethiopia, a violin with only one string. Tukul Band uses an electric amplyfied Masinko. WASHINT is a bamboo-flute, usually with 4 wholes.