Various Artists: Hungarian Noir

Various Artists: Hungarian Noir


"I don't want to go near that song? It's totally haunted and cursed. I want to live."
Thomas Lauderdale - Pink Martini

Various Artists: Hungarian Noir


Vocal Sampling
Grammy nominees Vocal Sampling are Cuba's leading a-capella ensemble. Conceived as the perfect music solution for ill-equipped house parties, the six graduates of Havana's Instituto Superior de Arte the six accomplished instrumentalist went from Salsa, Son and Rumba to all kinds of other musical forms - their meditative, almost classical version of "Gloomy Sunday" being rather exceptional within their repertoire.

Wazimbo feat. Kakana
Meeting of the Generations: Wazimbo is the undisputed champion of Mozambican dance music Marrabenta; singer Yolanda Chicane is one of the exponents of the current generation following in his footsteps. Together they deliver a light-footed acoustic "Gloomy Sunday" duet in Mozambican Portuguese, "Domingo sombrio" - reflective, yet with sinewy attack.

Built around the nucleus of guitar player Clay Ross and accordionist Rob Curto, the four to six piece from New York City maintains the typical Big Apple crossover of their time. Rich folk ingredients from all over the world feeding back and forth with Jazz and Blues, the occasional spice of Avantgarde and what not - equally heavily groovy and blue.

Manolito Simonet y su Trabuco
Sixteen-member orchestra Manolito Simonet y su Trabuco ranges among Cuba's busiest live ensembles. Stylistically centred around the bulk of its many Salsa hits, it nonetheless also incorporates whatever new trends are blooming - Timba and Salsaton included. Its interpretation of "Gloomy Sunday" ( "Triste Domingo" ) serves as a perfect example of their more mellow side - comparatively old school balladesque big band sentiment.

Sporting collaborations with Goran Bregovi?, Cesaria Evora and Udo Lindenberg as well as an MTV Unplugged appearance, Kayah is both one of the most successful and internationally renowned Polish singers of our time. Her "Gloomy Sunday" version ( "Czarna Niedziela" ) measures almost the complete range of her artistic spectrum from Medieval to Avantgarde and Dance with a generous shot of Eastern.

GOG feat. Pianola
With a prolific career of almost 30 years as an artists in various fields behind him, rapper GOG is one of the key figures of independent Hip-Hop in Brazil. Unlikely as his and his outfit's version of "Gloomy Sunday" - "Travessia" - may seem at first glance, it is totally obvious and coherent at closer observation: Saudade - it's one of basic states of being of the Portuguese speaking world. If that doesn't fit "Gloomy Sunday" - what would?

Glenda Lopez
Glenda López Exposito, stage name Glenda, is an example of a new generation of Cuban singers - deeply steeped in the island's heritage, yet open to global Pop as well, her stage appearance with Jamie Cullum only the tip of the iceberg. Her version of "Gloomy Sunday" breathes both the air of the old Sons, Dancas and Boleros and the flavour of classy smooth international Lounge Music - as is typical for her repertoire.

Chango Spasiuk
Born of Ukranian heritage in Argentine province Misiones, Chango Spasiuk made himself a name the world over for his explicitly virtuoso version of the local polka-like Chamame. It can be high speed and agile or quite melancholy and gentle - as is the case with his acoustic ensemble's gentle instrumental version of "Gloomy Sunday".

Founded by a theatre company and the band that provided the stage music around the turn of the century, the eight piece from Colombia plays an international crossover quite fittingly described as "Rock of the Andes". Strong South American flavours, such as the Cumbia and Vallenato echoes, on a laid-back international groove - global music and "Gloomy Sunday", Mestizo, Mulatto and Creole Style.

Hailing from Hungary's Northern Great Plain Észak-Alföld, multiple award recipient cimbalon player Miklós Lukács has played with Jazz greats from Charles Lloyd to Archie Shepp, Herbie Mann to Steve Coleman. His second main musical pillar is Classical Music, old and new - as his instrumental only cimbalon/piano version of "Gloomy Sunday" vividly depicts.